While You Are Preparing Your Braises

While you all are preparing your braises or rubs,  or planning your special seafood recipes for Valentine’s Day, I’ll be – can you guess? – soaking pozole corn. The day before Valentine’s Day, corn soaked and scrubbed of its skins and such, I’ll be cooking chicken for deboning, and blending chiles, onions and garlic to cook it all together. No big deal, huh? I’m only making it for 20 people.

Photo from Mely Martinez Mexico In My Kitchen blog.

We’re having a party at our house, and our band is playing musica romantica. Only love songs! How fun does that sound? You are cordially invited.

I’m a little nervous. I’ve only cooked pozole before, and I’ve never soaked the pozole corn or put it all together myself. Usually one of The Guitar Player’s sisters makes it, but this time I’m doing it on my own, with the help of one friend. I’ll let you know how it turned out.

2 thoughts on “While You Are Preparing Your Braises

  1. Chris

    It sounds wonderful. I wish I could come. If I come, will you sing Corazon Gitano?

    BTW, last week I (the one who doesn’t cook) made curry corn soup with my Penzey’s curry powder. And last night I made roasted broccoli with curry powder. Jon hates curry so these were mine, all mine.

  2. gubabbaboy Post author

    I hope it’s fun. It’s a lot of work cleaning the patio and stage, putting up tables, practicing, cooking.
    We’re going to sing Corazon Gitano!! We just rehearsed it!
    I like curry, too.


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