Chabela’s Birthday Party

We received a command performance invitation to come to my sister-in-law’s birthday party. We took the guitar, or course, and showed up a bit late to Miguel and Juanita’s beautiful house in quiet Huinduri. The food was wonderful, featuring meats from a client of the cheese company. Everything was grilled – thin steaks, chorizo, accompanied by grilled onions, cheese-stuffed wax peppers, and roasted potatoes. Tortillas, salsa and guacamole completed the meal. I didn’t want to stop eating!

Chabela and Lucio’s children and grand-children were all there, and us.

Later Catalina was walking by, and stopped to sing a couple of beautiful old songs with Chon.



There was a beautiful, delicious cake, and gelatina in cups with cream, a popular and tasty dessert.


Happy birthday, Chabela!

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