Our Corn Is Coming Up!

Each field in our part of the world has a name. It’s an old, old, and official name, written on the fragile old plans drawn of the lands around our rancho, and everyone here knows the names of each field.

This one is el joconoistle, or xoconoistle, a type of prickly pear that used to abound there, and the brave little corn plants are coming up!

IMG_3440There are little green rows of corn In the field adjacent are more little baby corn plants. I raised that young ash tree at our house, from one of the buckets of seeds that fell on our patio last year.



And over in la tabla grande, the big board, planted a day later with different seed (we ran out of seed!), are more little corn plants in very long (1000 meters, a kilometer!) rows.


One day soon we hope to get our new well with its cold, tasty water working to water the field that lies below it. The rich land around the new well has had a three-year rest.



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