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I am a member of the Expat blog (http://www.expat-blog.com/).  Don’t go there right away unless you’d like to get seduced into spending a chunk of time there. If you’re like me, you may get interested in reading a blog about driving in Greece, or a family beginning a new chapter in their lives in India. Or California. Or China, or Canada, or ………. fill in the blank. You’ll have Julien to thank if you spend more time than you had planned.
Julien, the founder of the big site, says that he created it seven years ago during his first expat experience , to “gather on a unique platform all the expatriates’ blogs all over the world. Expatriates’ blogs are indeed a great way to get information about real life in a foreign country.”

There are recent new features – a forum (I subscribe to a couple of different topics, and any time someone posts new information, I receive an email – very handy!), guides, albums, a business directory. There are two brand new features, too, for the area where I live part of the year: Jobs and Housing. I expect that these topics will grow rapidly. And it is so helpful to have this information available if you are making a move, or just hoping to make a move. You can do some exploring right from your computer.

So if you are looking for some vicarious adventures in culture or language, or you’d like to research some hard information about a specific place or topic, check it out. And don’t get lost!

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  1. Anonymous

    the picture you have from Jalpa de Canovas.. that is not the entrance. That is one of the small chapels inside of the big church and is one of the side entrance to the altar and the section where the priests get ready for mass. Sorry, i am from Jalpa de Canovas.. and I know that church by heart. 🙂


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