The other day when we were at the Materials place to pay a bill for cement, the owner, Jorge asked me as many people here ask, how I like being here. I answer something like,”I like it here a lot. I’m happy, and I don’t feel like returning to California.”
He said that he can find anything here that he needs, and I agreed. Next he mentioned buying meat in Mexico, something I haven’t done yet. My take on meat stores is that there are too many flies around, but the meat looks good.
Jorge mentioned that in the states you buy meat prepackaged, with the price on it, but here you can ask for a quarter kilo of one thing, and a half-kilo of something else, and they cut it for you right there, and the quality is very, very good.
I hadn’t really thought about it, but, yes, I am accustomed to meat being wrapped in plastic, extremely sanitary (which is good), but that was his viewpoint, and I get it. We seldom eat meat because of bdget considerations, but the meat I have had in caldos and barbeques has been very good indeed.

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